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WE guarantees that if the product is found to have defects in materials or workmanship within 30 days from the date of purchase on Amazon or Music Carpenter webshop, the product can be replaced free of charge. All shipping charges paid by the customer.

Important note: if this unit is opened or repaired by a non- official service center in any way. The warranty voided.

Excluded from warranty

No warranty applies for:

  1. Damage by external influences;
  2. Careless damage;
  3. Improper or incorrect use, as well as incorrect operation or loading, including but not limited to the use of leaking and / or incorrectly installed batteries and/or the use of non-original parts;
  4. Incorrect set-up or installation, for example due to failure to observe the applicable safety regulations and / or the instructions in the user, installation and / or assembly manual (s);
  5. Changes, additions and/or extensions to the device;
  6. Professional use;
  7. Products ordered outside the Music Carpenter webshop or Amazon;
  8. Repairs and/or modifications made by persons or organizations other than MUSIC CARPENTER.

At all times, the decision-making about the application of the guarantee is informed by MUSIC CARPENTER.