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Frequently asked questions

Q The BS Plug Converter(or AC Adapter) was not enclosed
A The BS Plug Converter(or AC Adapter) is packed on the side of the polyfoam, please check again. If the BS Plug Converter is not enclosed, you could contact after-sales service and ask them to dispatch a converter to your address.
Q The stylus arm not returning to the tone arm rest after finishing playing a record
A The auto-return point of the tonearm has been preset by the factory, however, if the tonearm auto-returns before the end of the album please make the following adjustments.
Please plug in the unit. Peel the SERVICE ONLY label off. Then you could find a screw in the unit. (Maybe it is a little difficult to find the screw, It is better to use a flashlight. ) Use a small Phillips screwdriver to turn the adjustment screw clockwise ¼ turn and test auto-return. Please make further adjustments as needed.
Please note this feature may not be available on all models.
Q I can't pair my wireless speakers or wireless headphone
A If the unit only has built-in Bluetooth receiver, it is not able to contact wireless speakers or wireless headphones via a Bluetooth connection. Bluetooth receiver is for streaming music from a smartphone, tablet, PC, or other Bluetooth devices.
Q What type of stylus will I need to purchase
A It is Red Diamond needle. You could order Shuman replacement needles.
We recommend that replace the needle after 300 hours of playback with 33 RPM albums or 45 RPM 'Singles'. If you are playing older 78 RPM records, which are made from a much harder material, the life expectancy of the stylus will be reduced.
Q My turntable seems to wobble
A The turntable has built-in spring set, it is normal for a turntable to have a slight platter wobble, however, this should not affect turntable operation. If your turntable is wobbling and you are concerned, frst make sure you have the turntable on a flat surface. Next check the transit screw to ensure it was tightened.
Q I have poor radio reception
A Ensure the FM radio antenna have fully extended and is secured in a location free from sources of interference. If FM stations are still not coming in clearly try moving the unit to a new location and test again.
Q Can get stations on FM but cannot find DAB stations
A Please ensure if your location is in DAB radio signal coverage area.
Q My new turntable will not spin or play a record
A Please ensure the turntable is plugged into a working outlet and the power is turned to the on position. Raise the lid to expose the phonograph. The phonograph has been secured for shipment with a transit screw. Using a screwdriver, turn the transit screw clockwise. This will alwl the turntable to "float" and turn feely. Moving the tone arm above the record will tigger the pltter to start spinning.
Q I cannot record to USB drive
A Ensure if the storage place of the USB drive you use is lower than 16GB and the version is 2.0. Please attention that more than 16GB USB or version 3.0 drive maybe not able to work.
Q My CD player will not play a CD
A Please try test-ing the unit with a store bought CD to rule out any incompatibility issues. We also recommend attempting to clean the CD player with a CD lens cleaning kit to ensure the lens is free of dirt and debris.
Q My records play too fast or too slow
A There is a speed selector switch located under tonearm. The speed selector switch has 3 settings for different record sizes (33 RPM, 45 RPM or 78 RPM). Please ensure that you have selected the correct setting based on the record you are attempting to play.